Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys Welcomes Gebhardt & Eppes in a Landmark Merger

Jan 23, 2024

Fort Worth, Texas – Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys is pleased to announce the successful merger with the distinguished law firm Gebhardt & Eppes, marking a momentous occasion in the legal landscape. The inclusion of Principal Attorneys Steve Gebhardt and Brian Eppes brings a powerful synergy of client dedication and extensive trial experience to the firm.

Attorney Jeff Hampton expresses his fervor for this transformative merger, stating, “It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse the merger of Gebhardt & Eppes with Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys. The inclusion of Steve Gebhardt and Brian Eppes brings a powerful combination of client dedication and extensive trial experience to the firm.”

In their illustrious professional journey, Steve Gebhardt and Brian Eppes have consistently demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to ensuring the best outcomes for their clients. Their personalized and comprehensive approach to legal representation aligns seamlessly with Fulgham Hampton’s values, creating a synergy that strengthens the firm’s capacity to provide top-notch legal services.

The merger introduces a wealth of trial experience to Fulgham Hampton, enhancing the firm’s capabilities and reinforcing its commitment to excellence in criminal defense. Steve and Brian’s strategic insights and seasoned perspective in the courtroom will undoubtedly contribute to the firm’s reputation for delivering exceptional results for clients facing legal challenges.

This union marks a significant step forward for Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys, solidifying its position as a leader in the legal field. Steve Gebhardt and Brian Eppes’ inclusion underscores the firm’s dedication to providing outstanding legal services and achieving favorable outcomes for clients through this exciting new chapter.

Fulgham Hampton is renowned for its unwavering commitment to clients, and the addition of Gebhardt & Eppes further strengthens this commitment. The merger represents a strategic move to combine resources, talent, and experience, ensuring that Fulgham Hampton continues to be at the forefront of criminal defense advocacy.

Clients of Fulgham Hampton can expect an even more robust legal team, well-equipped to navigate the complexities of criminal defense cases. The firm’s reputation for excellence is set to reach new heights with the collective skillfulness of Brandon Fulgham, Steve Gebhardt, and Brian Eppes working collaboratively.

As Fulgham Hampton embarks on this exciting new chapter, the entire team looks forward to building upon the firm’s legacy of success and delivering unparalleled legal services to clients. The merger is not just a joining of two firms; it is a fusion of shared values, dedication, and a commitment to achieving justice for those in need. To learn more about this merger and about Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys, visit their website at CriminalAttorneyFortWorth.com

At Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys P.C., we know just how important it is to choose the right criminal attorney to defend you in your case. We are the law firm you can trust with your Fort Worth criminal charges. Our legal team of criminal lawyers has over 70+ years of criminal law experience and over 300+ jury trials in Texas. Our criminal lawyers have a proactive approach that provides a track record of dismissals, no-bills, and not-guilty verdicts.

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